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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring, Flowers and Pink (Part 1)

Here are a few projects I've done the past couple of days while I was resting after all the nerves I wasted at work. I will divide them in several posts to make it easier for me to post them in the challenges.

Butterflies and Daisies

I bought the daisies and the butterflies very cheap at the local supermarket. I've actually been using the butterflies as a model to make paper butterflies.

I'm including this one in the following challenges:


  1. I love the bright springy colors on this card. Lovely butterflies too! Thanks for joining us this week at ATS&M.

  2. Много красиви маргаритки. Благодаря за участието :). Чакаме те отново при нас. Успех! ТокБобок

  3. Lovely Spring colours. Your card really captures the essence of a sunny day. Thanks for joining us at ATSM. Monika